We have helped several families find support and helped their children by utilizing activities and programs that help them grow. All of these programs and more are available to you or your loved ones in the Platte and Colfax county areas.



Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) is based on group structures that support parents  or caregivers interacting with their children. PIWI Facilitators are there to support and enhance competent, confident and mutually enjoyable relationships with their children. The PIWI model is based on a facilitated group structure that supports parents interacting with their children. The primary role of the PIWI facilitator is to support and enhance responsive parent-child relationships by promoting parenting that is competent, confident, and mutually enjoyable.


Primary Emphasis of the PIWI Model

Competence – Children should have opportunities to experience and demonstrate their competence and to expand their competence by exploring their environments and interacting with others.

Confidence – Both children and parents should experience confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their relationships.

Mutual Enjoyment – Parents and children should enjoy being together, and feel secure in one another’s presence and in the environment.

Networking – Parents will have opportunities to network with other parents and add to their informal support networks.


What Have We Accomplished?

• 9 parent - child sessions were held to fidelity at Highland Park Evangelical Church in Columbus, NE.

• PIWI components were also integrated into home visits and parenting groups held at CNCS - Early Head Start, Youth for Christ, Healthy Families, Columbus Public Schools and Early Steps to School Success.

• Platte - Colfax counties have 13 trained facilitators.

• 142 parents participated in PIWI in 2013.

• Two parent-child sessions were held to fidelity at Schuyler Community Schools in Schuyler, NE

• One parent-child session was held to fidelity at Youth for Christ in Columbus, NE.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is designed for emotional and behavioral disorders in children ages 2-7. PCIT aids in teaching caregivers skills to provide a secure and nurturing relationship with their child. Both child and caregiver interact together in a positive atmosphere and learn together.  It is an emotional based therapy designed for children with emotional and behavioral disorders between the ages of two and seven.

We help improve the quality of the parent/child relationship and help change interaction patterns. Skills are taught to parent can help establish a secure and nurturing relationship between them and their child.  We are one of seven agencies throughout the United States to participate in this program.


Treatment consists of two separate stages of treatment:

1.) Child Directed Interaction (CDI)

2.) Parent Directed Interaction (PDI)


The desired outcome of the therapy is achieved by the parent playing with the child in a controlled setting within the therapist’s office. The therapist is not active in the play and observes the interactions of the parent and child through the use of cameras and communicates through the use of a “bug in the ear” the parent wears.


• PCIT usually takes between 12-20 sessions from beginning to end.

• Expectations of parents: Complete 5 minutes of Special Play at home every day with the child.

• Other caregivers are also invited to participate in the therapy with the child including, grandparents, daycare providers, teachers and other significant others in the child’s life. More information is available on provider's website.

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Families And School Together (FAST)

We work with all families in all regions and social settings to help you succeed as a parent. We believe you are the best chance for your child to grow and thrive, and we want to empower you and connect you with your school and local resources.  We help doctors, engineers, trades people, business people, moms, farm workers, office workers, and production workers...any parent from any walk of life.


Our unique, award-winning programs can help you regardless of whether you live in suburban America, an urban community, or in rural community. We give you the skills and confidence you need to improve the way your family operates so you can empower your children to grow and succeed. We have programs for babies, pre-K, elementary ages, middle school and older teens. Each age and grade level in school presents unique challenges to you and to your child's ability to do well in school and avoid high-risk choices.


Every family has unique needs, but nearly all parents share the same concerns about education, family skills, family communication, school attendance, grades, peer influence, drugs, teen pregnancy, and crime. Our mission is to help you navigate you children's growth years and avoid or resolve the problems that all parents face. If you have special concerns, we can help connect you to the services that can help you care for your family's needs.  The problems kids face today is not "bad parenting", and it is not "society". But there are many environmental influences that can either help or detract from your ability to create harmony and strength in your family. We've discovered key factors that can make the difference between kids who succeed in school and kids who do not. We believe relative academic performance is the most important measure of how well these factors are working in your life. But even kids with good grades can get into trouble, so we go beyond grades and into the real causes of positive and negative behaviors. With our programs, you can build a protective layer around your children and form a strong relationship with them.


We want to empower you and help you succeed as a parent. You'd be surprised at the many resources and methods that are available to help you. Let us show you a better way to keep your kids safe, healthy and wise. Thank you for looking into our programs. For more information about our organization, please visit our site.

Befriend Mentoring

Befriend is a mentoring program of Oasis Counseling International.  It is unique in that it seeks to match mentee families with caring mentor families from local faith communities. The purpose is to facilitate the restoration of at-risk/struggling families or individuals to their full potential through positive and caring mentoring relationships.


Why Should You Consider Mentoring?

In most communities there are people who are at-risk due to addictions, poverty, and lack of community resources and family support. Befriend exists to be a bridge to bring hurting people together with those who have a heart to help. Mentoring may sound complicated and time-consuming. But mentoring is easier than it might sound.  If mentors and mentees can share each other’s lives for one hour a week and com away supported and encouraged, then Befriend is accomplishing its purpose.


How Does It Work?

The program asks that the mentor and mentee families are willing to meet one hour a week. The match is to last six months and at that point the match is re-evaluated.


What Are The Benefits?

The mentee and their family will benefit from the friendship and role modeling of the mentor family. It is an opportunity to be connected in a positive relationship that encourages personal growth and creates a support network in the community.  The mentor family gains an awareness of the needs of others, learns the skills to help and has an opportunity to exercise their faith in a tangible way.

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