Did you know that 90% of a child's core brain structure is formed well before they enter the K-12 school system? Our core agencies have banded together to create high quality and intensive early childhood programs that will help parents and caregivers build a solid foundation for their children, ages Zero2Eight.


Our Mission

To develop a holistic approach that incorporates all community resources for the same purpose of raising healthy and productive children and families.


Research shows that 38% of children in Platte County and 53% in Colfax County are at risk of failing in school and later in life. We can change this by focusing on EVERYDAY interactions we have with others.


Science shows that meeting children's emotional and social needs during the period of rapid brain growth is absolutely IMPERATIVE. The return later in life is productive citizens that can more easily solve problems, manage their emotions, handle stress and contribute to the economy.


So, what do we do?

Is your infant not meeting milestones? Not sure if your toddler is ready for Preschool? Is your first grader getting into trouble at school? Do you have doubts that you're not doing enough?  We are who you can turn to for the guidance and support you and your child need in order to become successful in life. We are here for YOU.


Who is this for, exactly?

The Child Well Being Initiative along with Zero2Eight is for anyone  seeking guidance, assistance or a shoulder to lean on when raising children. We are an equal opportunity provider, and welcome all who want to become a better caregiver and help their child thrive.